Mister T's Mathematical Diversions

My Programs, mostly graphically illustrating mathematical ideas or problems, are written in BBC BASIC for Windows with embedded Assembly Language due to it's straightforward, efficient style. Listings included here will run if cut-and-pasted into BBC BASIC, and .exe files will run stand-alone. BBC BASIC for Windows is a user-friendly, painless way to utilise x86/Pentium Assembly Language.
Click BBC BASIC for Windows

Some programs also have
Visual C# versions. To run these you will need to install the .NET Framework

Many programs have been updated or completely rewritten. All Pendulum programs were rewritten entirely in January 2018.

Some of the dynamical programs are developed from material clearly explained by Dr. David Acheson of Oxford University in his book "From Calculus to Chaos" .... plus an excellent reference for some of the advanced and/or obscure mathematics I've needed is to be found at MATHWORLD

My tutorial
Assembly Language programs are one of the more often visited pages. In addition to the Help section within BBC BASIC for Windows, the best reference for Assembly Language is: The Art of Assembly Language by Randall Hyde (Published 2010)

Program Selection

Surface Water Waves: Plane and Circular
3 Planets, N Asteroids + a Planet
Vibrating, Spring and Double Pendulum
3-D, Polar, Catacaustic, Implicit Curves
Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
Spirograph emulator
3-D Rotations: Axes, Cube, Polygons, Scaffold
Trivia: Cobwebs, Pipes, Bezier, Blobs, Smudges
Trivia: ColourCube, Scribble, Stars
The famous Life Program
Fractal Landscapes
L-System Fractals: Trees, Ferns and 3-D
Pictures: Reflections, Colour Swap, Combine
Pictures: Glass, Solariser, Smooth, Sharpen
Pictures: Spline Resize, Grey Scale, PanoMaker
Pictures: Jigsaw, Window, Ripples, Enhance
Pictures: Edge Detector, Crystal Ball, Pixel Migration
Pictures: SlideShow, Puddle, FishEye
Pictures: Hue Changer, LOMO, ShiftColour
Pictures: Twister, Spyglass, Basic Picture Editor
Bouncing Balls, Rocket, Fireworks
MIDI: Demo, GuitarSim, MIDIMod
WAV demo, Celestial and Random Music
The Lyapunov Exponent
Games: Countdown and Patience
Prim Algorithm demo.
Hot & Cold Metal, Potential
2D-to-3D Converter, Ball Room
Hangman and GreyPoint
Moebius Transform
False Moonlight
Ink Sketch
Big Numbers

Where to Obtain BBC
BASIC for Windows

Version 6.14a of BBC BASIC for Windows is the latest revision as of April 2021.

It includes many features you'd expect in C++, such as structures and structured prototypes.

It's available from, and indeed written by:
Richard Russell
and costs just 30 ( or around $50 )

My Email:

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Many of my executable programs run in full screen with NO mouse control.
Don't panic!
Alt-F4 will always parachute you back to normality.
NOTE: Many Text versions on this website will need the following
Library Utilities: MyUtils and BMPUtils. Also MIDI_Utils