Fractal Foliage: Executable or Text Version

This is a rather short program. It calls one procedure, which calls a second procedure. But then the second procedure calls the first which calls the second again and so on to a selectable number of levels. Although it's a short program, it could take a very long time to complete if you opt for a lot of levels.

It displays Fractal Ferns, amongst other things. The ferns are displayed using the default settings (just keep pressing Enter when you run the program), but other settings look completely different. The program uses an Iterative Function System or IFS, which is the standard method to produce these kind of fractals.
After the picture has finished, press "d" and the program will progressively work out the Fractal Dimension of the image. Otherwise press the Space-bar to re-RUN, or the Esc or any other key to Exit.
For a more in-depth, but non-mathematically taxing explanation of how the program works, and what Fractal Diemnsion is, I've prepared a Word document: The Quintessence of Fractals

Fractal Trees: Executable or Text Version

A variant on the above, but the output always looks like a tree of some sort. There are rather a lot of parameters, but then that gives almost unlimited variation!

REWRITTEN July 2005: For the .txt version, you'll need to provide your own Tree.jpg and Bground.jpg pictures!!

This is a screen dump of the Fern produced by the default settings. Quite eerily similar to the real thing, I would say.

Fractal Fall: Executable or Text Version

This again displays fractal trees - but with autumn or fall colours.

Fractal Landscape 1: Executable or Text Version

Press space-bar to halt the program, then -s- to exit completely.

This first program attempts to create a passable looking computer generated landscape, using simple mathematical rules. First take a straight line between 2 points A and B, then move the mid-point, C, up or down by a random amount, up to a given maximum. Then do the same for the straight line between A and C and A and B, but reducing the maximum.

Fractal Landscape 2: Executable or Text Version

Press the space-bar to re-RUN the program. Alternatively, you can see the SAME picture again by pressing either of -h-, -l-, -f-, or -b-, to move the viewpoint Higher, Lower, Forward or Back respectively. Otherwise press any other key to exit, once the picture has appeared.

The processing time in the high-resolution option is quite long - a minute or so, even with a 2GHz PC.
If you get fed-up waiting or are worried the program has stalled, use Alt-F4 to exit. This program uses up to 150Mb of RAM ! Therefore, you may get an Error message,if there's not enough memory. In this case, again use Alt-F4 to exit.

Below is a screen capture of the latest Fractal Landscape generated by the above program.

Fractal Landscape 3: Executable or Text Version

Includes mistiness or shading as distance increases, and has been made drastically faster using Assembly Language for some key routines.

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