Twister: Executable or Text Version

This program is a bit of trivia I've written today which cuts up any chosen picture into N by N pieces, where N is any multiple of two between 8 and 256. Using the mouse wheel, or the arrow keys, the pieces can be rotated non-linearly. Each of the pieces is a bitmap, in fact, all stored contiguously in a reserved memory space. The chopping-up is carried out in ASM.

The aspect ratio of the original picture is preserved throughout

To save the picture you'll need to use Alt-PrintScrn, since I haven't bothered to include a save facility in the program yet.

LOMO: Executable or Text Version

What is LOMO-ised? Around 1990 a St Petersburg company called LOMO launched a cheap camera called the LC-A. The photos it produced were dire quality - but in a certain stylish way; over-exposed in the centre, under-exposed (vignetted) at the edges, out of focus at the edges, much too contrasty, and colours either over or under saturated.
The program here adapts photos to look LOMO-ised, by adding in each of these defects to produce an attractive end-result, despite it being technically dreadful!
You can see many of my photos here: Pictures of England

Edge Detector: Executable or Text Version

In effect draws a pencil outline on top of a picture. You can choose how much colour to preserve from the original, and how heavy a "pencil" to use.
The critical routine is written in x86 Assembly Language. It's too slow in pure BASIC. However, I've left a "dummy" procedure at the end of the Text listing, so that people can see how the Edge Detector routine works. In fact, it ooks for a certain (adjustable) minimum rate-of-change in either of the R, G or B values either side of a given pixel. It looks at all 8 pixels and looks for the minimum rate of change in each of the 4 directions through the central pixel.

Smooth: Executable or Text Version

This program smooths out any photo image. It is presently - September 2017 - being rewritten.

Sharpen: Executable or Text Version

Take any JPG or BMP, and use the above two facilities to smooth or sharpen the image.
Output is a jpeg file saved in the same folder as the source picture - same name but with suffix. Program totally rewritten / simplified September 2017.

Bitmap Combine: Executable or Text Version

Using this facility you can combine or overlay two picture files. They do not need to be the same size or even of the same type.

The resulting combined .bmp will be called Combi.bmp. You could use a Picture Editor thereafter to do things like re-Balance the colours and contrast to your liking.

Using a combination of several of the programs on this site, I made the follwing surreal picture of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.

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