Colour Shift: Executable or Text Version

This is a handy utility for using the full dynamic colour range in a photograph. Just select a .jpg or .bmp, then left-click to display a histogram showing relatively how many pixels in the photo there are at each luminance level. By rotating the mouse wheel, a red line can be moved to specify the new top-end luminance end point. I assume anyone would wish to set the lowest point of the histogram as the new low-end luminance end point.
Once the new picture appears, just left-click to automatically save the new picture in the same file as the original, but with a slightly different name.

The B+W picture below was re-calibrated using the Colour Shift facility.

Hot and Cold Metal: Executable or Text Version

This program numerically solves the Heat Equation in 2 dimensions for a "cold" metal plate with a "hot" pattern on its surface (or vice versa). An analytical solution of this equation in requires rather advanced mathematics, but a numerical solution is far simpler. Of course, it's only an approximation, but it's near enough. For an outline of the method I use, click HERE for a Word document I've prepared.

Fireworks: Executable or Text Version

This is a trivial looking program which uses some fairly advanced mathematics simply for the sake of accuracy! As it flies through the air it meets AIR RESISTANCE. I have taken account of the effects of air resistance, modeled as proportional to the square of the speed of the firework.

Games Programs
Executable or Text Version

For those unaware ( I'd be amazed if anyone British is unaware ), there is a long-running TV gameshow calles "Countdown", which involves contestants having to solve word and number problems. My program is a rough approximation to the numbers game involved, whereby you have to combine 6 numbers to get as close as possible to a target answer within 30 seconds.

The trick for a high scoring average is to be able to multiply the larger numbers 25, 50 or 75 by a combination of other numbers quickly in your head.

Patience: Executable or Text Version

You FIRST need to download the following
ZIPPED data Folder with all the playing cards, and save it UNZIPPED in the same location as you save the Executable: Cards

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