Hangman: Executable or Text version

This program enables you to play the well-known word-game game "HANGMAN", based on a file of over 200,000 English words up to 15 letters long. To run the Text version you'll need to download the word-base: EngWords.txt. You will also need the MyUtils file from Page 1.

GreyPoint: Executable or Text Version

If you have a JPG or BMP photo with poor colour-balance, but which has some region you can designate as officially "grey", this program will adjust the colour balance of the image accordingly. Press -s- to save a copy of the resulting image in the same file-location as the original but with an appended name.

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Moebius Transform: Executable or Text Version

I could have made it faster by using ASM, but decided to do C# versions: Executable or Text Version (Text Class)

This uses a technique from
Complex Analysis called Conformal Mapping to transform or distort a picture.

Select any jpg or bmp image, then using the mouse, select three points to move to three new points in a new image. The rest of the pixels will then automatically be moved accordingly to preserve angles - although the resultant image may will look very outlandish!

The specific technique used is the
Moebius Transform, which utilises the formula below.