IsoCol: Executable or Text version

With this program, select a jpeg picture and use the mouse to select a hue or colour to isolate. The rest of the picture can then be left as greyscale, or converted to pure black or pure white. The result is automatically stored as a 100%-quality jpeg in the same folder as the original. The name is the same but with a suffix.
The way it works is to treat the RGB values as a 3-D vector. The RGB vector for each pixel is "dotted" with the reference RGB colour, and the cosine of the angle between them is raised to a power according to the "strength" selected. This number will always be between 0 and 1, so is then used to decide how much of the original colour to keep for each pixel in the resulting image.

False Moonlight: Executable or Text Version

This facility merely creates a "false moonlight" or "mock infra-red" black and white version of any selected jpeg. It then automatically saves the result in the same folder as the original. The name is the same but with a suffix.

Ink Sketch: Executable or Text Version

Choose any jpeg to convert to a monochrome "ink sketch" version. There are no user options in this program - just wait for it to finish. It automatically saves the end-result in the same folder as the original. The name is the same but with a suffix.

Big Numbers: Executable or Text version

Just a bit of fun really, this program calculates EXACT values for huge integer numbers such as 52! It does the calculations sequentially on strings using just byte arithmetic.

The Combinations option actually only uses addition to internally create a massive Pascal's Triangle.

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Minesweeper: Executable or Text Version. For Text version also use Best Times file.

Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, no longer provide the game of Minesweeper in Windows 10. But I wanted to play it - so I wrote my own version of it. The default number of mines or bombs is 200, the maximum is 300. The "Time to Beat" is set initially at 10000, and will record your best time for that number of mines. However, you can RESET ALL the best times to the default of 10000 at the end of any game by pressing -r- or -R-, but there's no prompt for this. Otherwise, at the end of any game just press -Space- to run the game again. The rest should be obvious to anyone who's familiar with the game.

For anyone with screen dimensions larger than 1920 x 1440 try this version: Executable or Text Version.